Company History

Home Pacific Myanmar’s journey can be tracked back in 1993, after the establishment of Scansia Myanmar Ltd the manufacturer and exporter of various types of garden furniture and outdoor supplies such as boats, flooring of ship decking, made out of teak.

Scansia Myanmar has been designing and creating beautiful pieces of garden furniture in the best British tradition using Teak (Tectona Grandis).

The main export market of Scansia Myanmar was England, accounting to 60 percent of the shipment and the rest to Italy, Germany, Israel, France, Ireland.

At that time of focusing solely on the export market, teak was the ideal wood used due to its unique character of extreme weather resistance and extensive durability.

Scansia Myanmar, which was once the nation’s premier manufacturer and exporter of garden furniture passed the torch of direction to Home Pacific Myanmar to take part in the development of the industry in moving towards a mass export of quality finished products, starting with the fist step of aiming the local market.

Taking the practice forward, Home Pacific Myanmar also maintains the value by accepting some orders for Teak furniture while the main choice of wood goes for Rubber Wood, the ideal material used by Home Pacific Myanmar to care for the environment while offering quality finishing.

Corporate Headquarter

Headquartered in Shwe Pyi Thar Industrial Zone where we maintain a corporate office and manufacturing and distribution facilities, Home Pacific Myanmar employs around 50 people.

Currently focusing on the local market, we offer both indoor and outdoor furniture. Over 90 percent of the products we produce at our factory are individually customized woodwork shaped by determined Myanmar nationals for the needs of our corporate and individual clients.

We are proud to offer Made-in-Myanmar products together which we are directly contributing to our nation’s economy and livelihoods of many Myanmar nationals brought out of different regions.

Environmental Concerns

On behalf of future generations, Home Pacific Myanmar is committed to demonstrate citizenship in the furniture industry and our local communities to help preserve the beauty and resources of our land by being a manufacturer of rubber wood furnishings.

All of the raw materials are locally sourced from Myanmar Timber Enterprise under the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry.

The company is also a member of Myanmar Timber Merchant Association and the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

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